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Hot Sale 🔥Halloween Gift Skeletal Cutlery Sets

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Andre Lassen's bone tableware makes breakfast terrible

I bet that when the devil sets the table, he will use Andre Larsen’s skeleton cutlery.
Lassen is a Dutch artist who specializes in making all kinds of creepy weapons, furniture and jewelry.

Although the forks and spoons modeled on human remains are creepy inside, I have to admit that the skeleton cutlery set is very avant-garde. Lassen completely redesigned forks, knives and spoons to make them better. Each of these fragments looks like it can be used to fight hungry demons or siblings, no matter which one you happen to encounter first.

Use this silver skeleton handle to make yourself a sick meal.
 I think I used it once when I was invited to dinner by the Adams family. FYI, they are really creepy, weird, and completely weird. You can buy spoons, forks or knives with skeleton handles.

You can also get a full set of 3. You must have these in time before Halloween. They will really kill your guests.

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